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“Humor is the healing wand that allows me to disrupt traditional thoughts and offer alternatives to the crunchy edges of life without being a politician, preacher or professor.”// JSmiles


Scuba diving, oysters, and chocolate.



Humor Heals.



Richard Pryor, Wanda Sykes, Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock, Katt Williams, and Ellen DeGeneres.

J Smiles is a modern southern belle with a global heartbeat. After spending years in corporate America and running her family business, she finally decided to answer the comedy call after stumbling upon Josh Harris’ “How to Be a Standup Comic” course at the IMPROV in Atlanta, GA. Rodney Perry trained her in improvisational techniques not long after.


A vivid story-teller who notices every itty-bitty detail of daily life, J Smiles has always used humor to tackle society’s controversial topics. A native of Montgomery, Alabama, she enjoys creating paradigm shifts around topics such as age, gender, race, politics and the economy. Her content is intelligent, conscious and family friendly. Her style is animated and high-energy.


J Smiles’ perspectives and premises for her jokes are snatched from the realities of life. J Smiles has lived a full life in her short time, including working in corporate America, living in Europe and Africa, fighting for justice, and being present for the many friends and family she cares for. She thrives on pointing out significant community problems and then offering simple solutions. Identifying solutions became second nature to her while studying engineering at Howard University.


Family and friends agree that she is usually the best story-recounter in the room. Comically, she blends facts, fantasy and stereotypes like a smooth soufflé. She credits this smooth-blending to the keen observation skills acquired throughout her product design program at Stanford University.


Her passion for the marginalized was planted by her activist parents and fortified by her legal education at Cumberland. J Smiles takes pride in entertaining diverse crowds. She enjoys bridging groups that are typically at odds, getting them to laugh comfortably together on tough topics.


A desire to improve the everyday life of regular people is the common thread of her journey. Five minutes into a set and you will feel the influence of her observational, solution-oriented approach to life’s inequities.


When asked who inspires her writing, J Smiles claims her silly-soul is the love child of a Wanda Sykes, Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock orbital tryst. When asked why comedy, she quickly responds, humor is the healing wand that allows me to disrupt traditional thoughts and offer alternatives to the crunchy edges of life without being a politician, preacher or professor.


Atlanta is the launch pad, the destination is your town. She performed on Tom Joyner’s Fantastic Voyage with Carnival Cruises multiple years. Guy Tory and Faison Love have taken her on tour. A few other places J Smiles has graced the stage are New York City, Miami, Boston, Dallas, Chicago, Los Angeles, Birmingham, Charlotte, Memphis, Salt Lake City, Augusta GA, Orlando, Montgomery, Houston, Washington D.C., Arlington VA; Sicily, Italy, Seoul, South Korea, and Nassau, Bahamas.

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